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St. Mary's Centre Nursing Home Dublin

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Our Mission is to provide a homely caring environment, encouraging independence as far as possible for those in our care.
Our Mission is to provide a homely caring environment, encouraging independence as far as possible for those in our care.
In the spirit of Mary Aikenhead, Foundress of the Religious Sisters of Charity and in keeping with the Mission and Philosophy Statement we aim to serve our residents with Human Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Quality and Advocacy, ever mindful of their cultural needs and religious practices.
It is our objective to provide the highest standard of care in co-operation with our staff and others who assist us in carrying out our duties.
Purpose and Function:
The Primary Function of St. Mary’s Centre is to provide care and accommodation to ladies of all ages with a visual impairment. The Centre accommodates eighty residents and caters for four levels of care as follows:
St. Mary’s Centre Nursing Home, Consisting of:
St. Oliver’s Nursing Unit for high dependency residents
Loyola House Nursing Unit catering for 15 visual impaired ladies of medium to high dependency and 15 Sisters of Charity of varied dependency
Individual apartments for independent living
Three houses for sheltered accommodation
All residents are assessed prior to admission to identify the most suitable area care for their needs. Residents may be moved internally should their dependency levels change.
Governance/ Management:
The management and governance of St. Mary’s Centre Nursing Home is directed by a team of dedicated and committed members of staff who continually strive to raise standards of care. Your management team contacts are:
Donogh Crowley Chairman – Board of Directors St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited Solicitor – Arthur Cox
Ms. Maura Masterson Chief Executive St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited RGN, RPN, Chief Executive
Ms. Orla Aver Clinical Services Manager St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited RGN, Clinical Nurse Manager 3
Ms. Breda Ryan Administration Manager St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited M.I.A.T.I.
Mr. David Redmond Maintenance Manager St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited Craftsman
St. Oliver’s Unit is a single storey nursing facility accommodating up to 28 residents in shared rooms. We can provide care for 28 high to maximum dependency residents. The Centre has a visiting GP at St. Oliver’s Unit twice a week.
Loyola House is a two storey nursing facility accommodating 15 ladies with a visual impairment and 15 retired Sisters of Charity in single rooms with shared en-suite bathrooms between every two rooms. The Centre has a visiting GP at Loyola House twice a week.
When residents require high dependency care they will be required to transfer to St. Oliver’s Unit. Residents in Loyola House have priority on our waiting list for this unit.
Houses & Apartments comprises of ten individual apartments on two levels for supported living, and three houses one with four bedrooms and two with five bedrooms for assisted living. There is a sleepover arrangement at night time should any resident require assistance during the night.
Residents of the Houses & Apartments can avail of our GP service in St Oliver’s by appointment.
When residents require medium/high dependency care they will be required to transfer to Loyola House or St. Oliver’s Nursing Home. Residents in the Houses & Apartments have priority on our waiting list for these units.
The Centre’s ten Independent Living Apartments are on two levels, each having its own entrance. Each apartment consists of sitting/dining room with a galley kitchen a bathroom and bedroom. The apartment block has its own laundry and wheelchair accessible lift.
The Centre has three Sheltered Houses. Each house has five bedrooms. The four upstairs bedrooms have shared en-suite toilet facilities, one between two rooms. Each house has a separate bathroom upstairs and bathroom with walk-in shower downstairs. Downstairs consists of a ground-floor bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a large dining room and a homely sitting room with bright modern furnishings.
There is a garden to the front and back of each house with a patio area at the back where residents can sit out in the Summer.
All the residents of the Houses and Apartments have access to all of the facilities in the main building of St. Mary’s, such as the hairdressing salon, physiotherapy department, resource room, chapel, coffee dock, the main dining room and catering facilities.
All the residents of the Houses and Apartments have access to all of the facilities in the main building of St. Mary’s
We also cater for residents from our own Supported Living Services who require Respite Care from time to time due to illness.
  • Dependency Levels
  • Low Dependency
  • Medium Dependency
  • High Dependency
  • Maximum Dependency
All residents are assessed on admission to identify the most suitable area care for their needs. Residents may be moved internally should their dependency levels change.
End of Life Care:
A room can be provided for relatives to rest should they need to stay overnight at the Centre.
The Chapel at St. Mary’s Centre is private. In certain circumstances the Chapel may be used for residents’ funerals subject to the following:
  • The Chapel has no prior bookings and the Sacristan is available.
  • Next of Kin must arrange for a Priest to say the funeral mass.
  • Removal service is held on the morning of the funeral mass.
  • There is a charge of €150.00 for the use of the Chapel.
  • Under Health & Safety Regulations the number of people attending any funeral should not exceed 80.
  • St. Mary’s will hire security personnel for traffic management and car parking for which there is a small fee.
Internal Services and Facilities/Activities:
In order to enhance the care provided and enable you to fulfill your personal, social and psychological needs the following services and activities are available within St. Mary’s Centre (Telford) Limited. These facilities are shared with the Centre’s Independent Living Unit.
  • Reception/Postal Services : 8 am – 9.30 pm - Residents, Visitors, Sisters and Staff
  • Security: Overnight -Residents, Visitors, Sisters and Staff
  • Hairdresser: Weekly on Tuesdays 10am - 3.30pm - Appointment not required
    Price List Available
  • Coffee Shop: Daily - No restrictions
    Tuck Shop/Mobile Tuck Shop : 11am-12midday & 2.30 -3.30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays - No restrictions
  • Mass: Daily at 10.30 am - No restrictions
  • Confessions: Monthly - No restrictions
    Anointing of the Sick :Monthly -No restrictions
  • Arts and Crafts: Daily in designated room -No restrictions
  • Outings in a wheelchair adapted vehicle: Weekly – weather permitting - Varies
  • Modern Laundry Facilities:Daily - No restrictions
  • Seamstress (Alterations & Mending): Monday – Thurs -No restrictions
  • Team of Volunteers: Daily - No restrictions
  • Music: Weekly - Varies
  • Art Classes: When Art Teacher Available -Varies
  • Gardening & Plant Potting: Seasonal - No restrictions
  • Physio:Weekly - Varies
  • Dietician: Weekly - Varies
  • Dentist: Weekly - Varies
  • Optician: Weekly - Varies
  • Chiropody: Weekly - Varies
  • Therapeutic Services:
  • Service Frequency: Accessibility
  • Sessional Physiotherapy: 2 Sessions Weekly - As required – Fee for Private Residents and Residents under the Nursing Home Support Scheme
  • Dietician Therapist: Sessional - For All Residents – Fee for Private Residents and Residents under the Nursing Home Support Scheme
  • Therapy Services are also provided as follows:
  • Service Frequency:Accessibility
  • Sonas aPc:Weekly - For suitable clients
  • Reminiscence Therapy: Weekly - For suitable clients
  • Dentist As Required:By appointment-Fee
  • Chiropody/Optician: As Required - By appointment-Fee/Medical Card
  • Irish Therapy Dogs: Weekly - No restrictions
Care Plans:
Your care plan will be developed with your participation within 48 hours of admission. This will be individualised to set out your personal care needs and will provide direction to staff members caring for you. A review of your care plan will be prompted following your feedback, any changes in your personal needs/ circumstances and will be updated no less frequently than at three-month intervals. To ensure we have your full participation in this process we will formally communicate to you when a review is required and will then set a mutually convenient time to complete the review process.
Contract of Care:
By agreeing to take up residency within St. Mary’s Centre Nursing Home you will have signed a Contract of Care which ensures that you have a legally binding assurance of high quality care standards and that we have an acknowledgement of your commitment to our terms and conditions as outlined in your contract. The Contract of Care will include an “opt out” clause providing a one month “cooling off” period in the event that a new admission is not successful for one or both parties. The method for the payment of fees will depend upon the option you choose in order to meet these fees i.e. Nursing Home Support Scheme or Private. The rate of fees will be clearly outlined in the Contract of Care and are subject to future increases. Fees are reviewed annually.


Település Dublin
Utca / házszám 185 Merrion Road
Telefonszám +35312693411
Telefonszám Fax: +35312698868
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