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Carlingford Nursing Home Carlingford

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Carlingford Nursing Home first opened its doors as a home for the frail older person in May 2000, and was acquired by Arbour Care Group in March 2003.
Under the guidance of Nurse Manager, Breda O’Kane, Carlingford Nursing Home provides the very best of full nursing care in a friendly and homely environment, whilst at all times ensuring that the dignity, respect and independence of our residents is maintained. Breda has over 30 years experience and is supported by a team of highly experienced Nurses and Carers.
Set in over 3 acres of private grounds and gardens,Carlingford Nursing Home is located overlooking the beautiful Carlingford Lough and Mourne Mountains.
Medical facilities
The home is equipped to cope with a wide variety of resident’s needs. Our responsive staffing levels are carefully designed to ensure that we can provide the correct level of care for all the residents staying with us, regardless of their dependency levels which range from Low Dependency through Full or Maximum Dependency.
All our residents are encouraged to exercise their right to choose their own doctor and to this end we have three local doctors who attend to our residents. The local practise offers a twenty-four hour service with a home visiting service for all residents with whom there is the slightest concern.
The nursing staff arranges all other required services as necessary such as; chiropody, physiotherapy, visits to the dentist and visits to consultants and outpatient departments of the local hospitals.
The home has an extensive of store of equipment to assist the staff care for the resident as well as to allow the resident the maximum level of independence as possible. Our equipment includes top of the range beds, modern chairs that maximise comfort and security as well as multiple pieces of assistive technology.
Special Therapies and recreation
Stimulation of the various senses is a vital element of the daily activities of the older person. To this end we employ a full-time activities co-ordinator who ensures that all residents are encouraged to take part in some of the leisure activities provided on a daily basis.
The views of our residents and their families are essential to ensure that we do everything in our power to match our service with the preferences and requirements of our residents. We regularly survey our residents as to their preferences for all aspects of their care including activities and events and adjust our schedule of organised events accordingly.
All birthdays and annual events are celebrated with traditional parties. We also hold a big outdoor party and BBQ in the summer for all the residents, staff, relatives, local doctors, priests and other local support groups.
All of the residents and house hold laundry is managed on site. Soiled clothes and bedding are collected from the room and returned ironed or folded the next day. Dry cleaning can also be arranged for an additional cost.
Our commitment to partnership in care is central to all that we do. We understand that our mission statement goals can only be achieved by keeping in mind what you, our customers and clients want and desire.
To this end we try to involve our residents and their relatives and friends in as much of what we do as possible.
We have an active Residents Committee which meets regularly to discuss items of interest to the residents. This can also be used as a forum for expressing complaints or complements!
Our notice boards and regular newsletters are always full of information and news and we conduct satisfaction surveys every couple of years to gauge how well we are meeting your needs. We also have plenty of comment sheets and comment boxes in the home for you to fill out and drop in at any time.
Add to this our “open door” policy and our transparent and inclusive care plan development program and you can see our commitment to partnership in care.
For more information on our commitment to partnership in care please contact the home directly and we will be happy to help.
The home is registered for 44 residents of which 31 are accommodated in single ensuite room with the balance in 5 two bedded ensuite rooms and one high dependency three bedded room.
The building is a modern purpose built single storey design and is based around a central area which includes the Nurses Station, our Day rooms, the Dining room and a large enclosed garden with paved walkways and a pond.


Település Carlingford
Utca / házszám Old Dundalk Road
Telefonszám +353429383993
Telefonszám Fax: +353429383994
Alkategóriák Long term service, Short term services
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