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Amberley Home and Retirement Cottages Fermoy

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Amberley Home and retirement Cottages is a unique Care Centre dedicated to providing care and companionship to all of our residents.
We believe in living life to the fullest. Where you can meet new friends, have an active lifestyle and enjoy your golden years.
Opened in 2005, the Care Centre is dedicated to offering two different approaches in
Care and Retirement.
Within the Care Centre there are private cottages ideal for retired people seeking to live independently while at the same time being part of a secure community. At the Heart of the development is Amberley Home, a luxurious custom built Retirement Home offering Patient Centred Care to all residents who wish to avail of long and short term care.
With superb on site facilities and excellent restaurant cuisine you will receive as much personal first class care when You need it most.
At Amberley Home we believe in living life to the fullest and we go to great lengths to make life as enjoyable as possible for all residents and their families.
Our highly skilled staff are there to ensure you get the very best individual care you deserve while respecting your right to privacy and self determination. At Amberley,staff encourage you to enjoy all that the home has to offer and much more.
With a bright and spacious layout, the custom designed building maximizes sunlight in all rooms with bright and airy hallways. The décor is both tasteful and homely.The luxuriously fitted bedrooms have automatically adjustable beds with t.v.,telephone, internet access and ensuite bathroom with easy access showers. All rooms have “call buttons” linking you directly to the nurse’s station at all times. All guests are encouraged to add personal items and photographs to personalize your own rooms.
Seven sitting rooms throughout the building provide for a more homely and intimate setting be it for lively conversations, a quiet read or watching the large televisions. Two of these sitting rooms are designed with family visitors in mind, offering a kitchenette attached for guests who wish to make themselves at home with a cup
of tea or coffee.
For contemplation and meditation the oratory is a restful place for quiet prayer to gather one’s thoughts.Religious services are held regularly in the oratory which has direct picture link to all televisions in the building including bedrooms.
Our professional Chef and his catering team create a full dietary programme with a choice of menu daily or tailor made meals to suit individuals needs is also available.
Soft foods and finger foods are also catered for on request. Staff can also rustle up a sandwich or meal out of hours should you get peckish! Meals can be served both in the main dining room or in residents private rooms, the choice is always yours. Amberley Home’s dedicated and highly skilled Nursing and Care staff provide 24hour
nursing care to all guests entrusted to them and our Philosophy of Care is always to cherish the uniqueness and dignity of each and every person within the Home.
Our Care Philosophy is centred on providing the finest quality healthcare, therapeutic and support services to all our residents and their families within a calm and pleasant Home. Enhancing our residents quality of Life and seeing a smile on your faces helps us to achieve our goal.... To have you feel at Home.
Our care approach is patient centred and involves a programme of therapies that address the total well-being of all residents. The holistic approach that we take is one born from the desire to see people remaining at their full potential. For each resident, we create an individual care plan where the goal is to design a course of treatment and therapy that best meets the needs of the resident.
Amberley Home offers care with Excellence in:
  • Long and short term stays
  • Convalescent stay
  • Palliative Care
  • Respite Care
  • Physically disabled Care
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Day Care
  • Holiday / Weekend Care
Day Care
This service is ideal for those caring for loved ones at home who need some personal time off. Day Care can be a safe and comforting option.
  • Hours are from 8.30am – 5.oopm but we can meet your individual needs.
  • Any combination of days is possible.
  • Welcome to join in any daily activities within the Nursing Home.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal included plus morning and afternoon tea
  • Nursing Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Hairdressing and chiropody services are available weekly.
  • Use of the private hydrotherapy suite.
Holiday/Weekend Care
Annual holidays and unexpected events can often lead to a near crisis situation. Amberley Home can help by providing care and companionship to those who find themselves in need of holiday/weekend care and also on an urgent basis if needed.
Other Services and Facilities
  • Oratory for religious services
  • 24 hour on call local GP
  • Quiet rooms and reading rooms
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Chiropodist - Beautician – Physiotherapist on request
  • Reflexology – Aromatherapy – Occupational Therapy on request
  • Full laundry service
  • Hydrotherapy Bath Suite
Scheduled shuttle bus service to Fermoy including delivery/collection service i.e. mail, groceries, etc.


Település Fermoy
Utca / házszám Acres
Telefonszám +3532540900
Telefonszám Fax: +3532540901
Alkategóriák Convalescent Care, Day Care, Palliative Care, Physical Disability, Respite Care
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