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Woodchurch House Ashford

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The home provides accommodation and nursing care for residents in studio and one bedroom suites.
Woodchurch House, from Graham Care, is organised to provide 'a new concept in care living', based around relationship-centred care to support physical frailty, dementia and other mental illness.
Both single and dual occupancies are available, with the home looking to be as versatile as possible to each client's circumstances and preference.Woodchurch House is a recent development from the Graham Care Group and compliments its six other homes in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
The home provides accommodation and nursing care for residents in studio and one bedroom suites.
The home is be divided into two social groups, one for physical frailty and the other for people with dementia/mental illness. Full 24 hour nursing care is available for all residents, which enables most people to be accommodated within the scheme for life. Residents' spouses can also be accommodated, so that couples can stay together even when one develops the need for on-going care.
One of the philosophies at the heart of Graham Care is to provide relationship-centred care. Fostering and nurturing relationships between residents, their family and friends and the healthcare professionals who work in and visit the home is an integral part of residents care.
Help with Moving-in
Moving into a care facility is a big decision and it is very important to have as much information as possible to help with this. Our Sales Co-ordinator, Suzie Lamb, is available to discuss the various options available within Woodchurch House and to assist prospective residents to decide whether it might be the right place for them. In the first instance, this usually involves a visit to the home to see the care suites and the nursing home at first hand.
Following this, our General Manager would be pleased to visit the prospective resident in their home or in hospital and then to produce a written proposal as to how the resident's needs could be met in Woodchurch House. This is without obligation and provides the resident with the fullest possible range of information on which to make a decision.
If the client decides to move in, then we will co-ordinate all the arrangements to enable a stress free move into their new home.
Homely and appetizing meals
Woodchurch House provides traditional home cooked food using seasonal produce wherever possible. The menus are planned with input from the residents and their relatives and a choice of meals is always available. Special diets such as for diabetics are catered for.
Meals can be taken in the dining room or a resident can opt to have their meal on a tray in their own room. Mealtimes are a relaxed and leisurely affair to ensure residents gain full enjoyment from their food. Where residents have difficulty in feeding themselves sensitive assistance is offered by our carers who have all received training in food hygiene.
Our cook liaises with our activities co-ordinator to plan celebratory meals when the food is appropriately themed and the tables dressed for the occasion. These celebrations are much appreciated by the residents.
Resident nutrition is given a high priority to ensure optimum health and monitoring of weights is carried out on a monthly basis. Any significant weight gain or loss is investigated and brought to the attention of the resident's own General Practitioner so that appropriate action may be taken. Weight loss is taken very seriously with full investigation into the cause and if indicated extra nourishing foods or prescribed supplements will be given.
Become a Woodchurch Buddy
Woodchurch House is a modern, purpose built Care Home in Woodchurch Village providing care and nursing to around 80 frail and ageing residents, with Dementia type illnesses. We are part of the Graham Care Group of 7 homes in the South East, owned by Dr Karen and Ernie Graham. A principal approach to our care provision is 'Relationship Centred Care' which is why building relationships between our residents and people in our local community is important to us.
Why does Woodchurch House have Buddies?
We have many reasons why we would like to invite local Buddies into Woodchurch House,including to;
provide our residents with extra opportunities for friendship and social connection they might not otherwise get due to family circumstances.give local people with spare time due to retirement, redundancy or children going to school, a chance to do something different, develop new skills and knowledge and meet other local people, while supporting people in their communityenhance the great work our staff do to enrich the lives of residents and make Woodchurch House a community hub where 'nice things happen'
What Does a Buddy Do?
A Buddy is someone living nearby, who comes in on a regular basis for visits with our residents. The visits are a source of great enjoyment and satisfaction for our residents, staff and the Buddies themselves. Our residents really enjoy getting to know their Buddies as well as sharing their own memories and wealth of life experience.
Every Buddy is unique, so what they do when they visit can vary depending on their skills, interests and their availability. Some Buddies come in once a week at the same time to visit a particular resident. They might help their resident write letters or keep up with family birthdays and events. Some buddy visits are based on a shared interest, like music or reading, or to help a resident participate in an activity like gardening or crafts. Others may come in with a specific skill or interest which an individual or small group of residents enjoy – such as modelling or card making.
Who Can be a Buddy?
Buddies come from all age groups and walks of life. Some of our Buddies are retired, some work part time, others work full time but visit in the evening or weekends. Some come alone, while others visit in pairs. Some are younger and come as part of work experience, other very young buddies visit with their parents.
What Skills do I Need to be a Buddy?
Some Buddies are the kind of people who are good at listening and conversation but are patient as some residents can't communicate the way they once did. Some Buddies are comfortable with little or no conversation but are happy to just be with a resident which can be the source of great comfort. Others are active types who prefer to 'do something', so may come to help with activities or bring in a hobby or craft activity of their own.
How often Does a Buddy Visit?
Though many of our Buddies visit on a regular weekly basis, others come to just on specific occasions for a particular activity. We only ask you to give what you can and would enjoy, as this is how we get the best from you.
What Support Do Buddies Receive?
We provide our buddies with training and induction appropriate to the type of visiting they are doing, including information about age related conditions such as Dementia. We have a Buddy Co-ordinator who looks after the needs of all our Buddies and provides them with opportunities, both individually and with other Buddies, to discuss how things are going for them and provide any ongoing support or training relevant to their Buddy role.
How can I become a Buddy?
Every Buddy relationship starts with a visit to Woodchurch House on an informal basis to meet our staff and residents, usually in one of our residents' lounges over a cup of tea. This might be as part of one of our monthly Buddy Afternoons or a residents' activity session. Once you have visited a couple of times, and had a tour of our modern, purpose built home, you can talk to our Buddy Co-ordinator about how best your skills can be used in the future. You may want to become an individual Buddy, help with activities or just drop by now and then for a visit to the lounge. It is exciting for us and our residents to welcome new Buddies, find out what they can bring, and what they can gain from their visits to us.
To find out more about becoming a Woodchurch Buddy, contact Sandie Peters, our BuddyCo-ordinator, who will arrange for you to visit with no obligation. You can call Sandie on+447881 378073 or email Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. 
Nursing Care
Registered Nurse On-hand 24/7
Our in-house care is planned and monitored by Registered Nurses at all times. This enables Woodchurch House to be a "home for life" for most residents.
The philosophy behind our nursing care is that residents should be able to live in the home with dignity and have staff available to support them to live as full and active a life as possible. To achieve this, our Registered Nurses endeavour to:
Involve residents, carers and their families in planning each resident's care.Monitor each resident's physical well being as necessary.Provide hands-on nursing care in-house.Support residents in doing things for themselves and maximising their independence, including keeping contact with the outside community.Plan a choice of tasty and nutritious food.Take into account the needs and wishes of residents, and plan a variety of leisure and social activities.Respect residents' modesty and make sure that they look respectable, while recognising residents' choice about what they wear.
Medical Care
The healthcare of our residents
Arrangements are in place to ensure that the health care needs of the residents are satisfactorily met. All residents are registered with a local General Practitioner. Once a week a clinic is held at the home by a General Practitioner when all residents with a health problem are seen together with any resident who requests to see the doctor. The doctor visits residents in their own rooms to ensure privacy.
In order that residents can live their lives at optimum capacity we ensure regular access to ancillary health professionals. Opticians visit regularly with an annual eye test being offered to each resident. A regular chiropody clinic is held. We refer residents to the hospital when hearing aids are required and maintenance of aids is carried out on a regular basis. We have a referral system to the local dentist who is able to treat most problems in house. District nurses provide us with support and advice as required for specialist wound care and palliative care. Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy are all available following a referral from the GP. We ensure that all residents attend booked hospital appointments and we arrange for them to be accompanied by a carer.
Social Care
Our social programme demonstrates the wide ranging and busy social life we have on offer at Woodchurch House.
The home has Social Co-ordinators who co-ordinate an active programme of crafts, games and hobbies, as well as regular events, social activities and excursions. Group activities are more popular in the main lounge to include weekly musical entertainment and a craft group. Some recent activities include a cooking session, a quiz and an exercise group. Outside entertainers visit on a regular basis. An annual visit to a farm to see the new born lambs is always very popular.Residents' views are sought on what type of entertainment and outings they wish to have available and the activities programme is built on their preferences. Some residents prefer to spend time in their own room, it is their choice.
A specific programme of activities and experiences is offered with one to one attention for example reading, talking, manicure and massage.
Our Social Co-ordinators compile residents' "Life Stories" by obtaining information from family, long standing friends, old work colleagues, etc. and assembling it into portfolios. These help to bring back old memories and form the basis of discussions to aid reminiscence.
Pastoral Care
Whole Person Care Ethos
In support of our Christian based whole person care ethos, emotional and spiritual support is considered vital to the general well being of each resident. The residents' charter of rights includes the right to have their religious needs accepted and respected and although a Christian based home, non-Christian needs can be met.
Residents are free to follow the religion of their choice. Ministers visit the home regularly and offer communion. We hold a non denominational service on a weekly basis for all residents who wish to attend. A retired chaplain visits once a week on a voluntary basis. He has regular contact with those residents who very rarely have visitors and also sees those who we have identified as requiring more spiritual support.
Considerable comfort is often gained from faith in declining years, even with people who have had little to do with their faith since their childhood. It is an important part of the life and routine of the home and many residents benefit from conversation with people connected with religious organizations.
The home will facilitate the observance of those religious festivals that are appropriate to the faith of the residents living in the home.
The observance of religious rituals to be carried out prior and post death is assured.
Cultural and religious requirements of each resident are included in their individual care plan.
Online Residents Care Plans & Daily Reports
Each resident has their own individual plan of care
Computerised care plans are compiled for all the residents in the home, with input from the resident and relatives whenever possible. These cover all aspects of daily living and include risk assessments of areas where the residents may be vulnerable.
Care staff enter reports onto the computer system giving details of each resident's care and activities. Each day, the report focuses on a particular activity of daily living (ADL) in order to ensure that the care provided is systematically evaluated against all the elements of the care plan. The registered nurse in charge reviews all reports and approves them, if satisfactory.
A monthly review of all care plans is undertaken by the Manager in conjunction with the resident and key members of staff and any amendments or changes are recorded. During the month changes in the care plan can be effected at any time.Residents and Relatives/Friends can access their Care Plans and Daily Reports on-line.
Our Care Suite Concept
Much more than Nursing Home Bedrooms
The care suites provide residents with much more space than nursing home bedrooms, but with the same level of nursing care and support. At Woodchurch, some of the care suites are specially for dementia sufferers who would otherwise need to move into a traditional EMI nursing home.
As well as giving residents additional space for personal effects and mementos, our care suites differ from traditional nursing home bedrooms in three important ways:
Social space with comfortable seats so that residents' families and friends can spend good quality time together in privacy and comfortDining space so that residents can enjoy their meals in their own room, if they wish.A kitchenette so that residents and their guests can prepare drinks and snacks.
There is a choice of studio or one bedroom suites, all with en-suite shower rooms. They all benefit from the secure entrance to the building.Nursing Care within your own home
Woodchurch House is registered to provide both personal and nursing care to the residents of the suites. The in-house team of registered nurses and carers is available 24 hours a day to respond to the residents' care needs when required. With Registered Nurses available on-site, the suites offer a permanent home where the residents do not need to worry about moving when their care needs increase.Become part of a community
Residents are encouraged to take part in the homes' social programme and to integrate into the Woodchurch House community as much as possible. At meal times, they can enjoy the company of the other residents in the communal dining room or they can have their meals served in their suites if they prefer. It is entirely their choice as to how they wish to spend their day and which activities they wish to join.


Település Ashford
Utca / házszám Brook Street Woodchurch
Telefonszám +441233861600
Telefonszám Fax: +441233861602
Alkategóriák Dementia Care, Learning Disability, Mental Health Condition, Old Age, Privat, Physical Disability, Substance Misuse, Sensory impairment


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