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Morris House Nursing Home Eaton Crescent Swansea

Ápolási otthon (Egyesült Királyság)Hozzáadás a kedvencekhez


Morris House is a large post-Victorian house set in pleasant gardens in the Uplands, a short distance from Swansea city centre.
Morris House Nursing Home is a former school which was opened as a residential home over 20 years ago and has since benefited from a number of renovations and refurbishments incorporating one shared room and 23 single rooms, eleven of which are en-suite. Morris House is a large post-Victorian house set in pleasant gardens in the Uplands, a short distance from Swansea city centre. The Home is within walking distance of nearby shops, churches, pubs, takeaways and cafes, and has good bus links into Swansea and the surrounding areas.
Morris House is owned by Mr K and Mr S Mann and the manager is Mr Matthew Searle. Morris House has recently amended its registration with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales, to be able to accommodate a small number of residents with diagnosed dementia.
This is in addition to our main status as a Nursing Home, providing accommodation and nursing care for older people. Qualified Nursing Staff, who work under the direction of our Registered Manager, are on duty both day and night. In addition, we employ the appropriate number of Care Assistants twenty-four hours a day. There are three people employed on wakeful duty at night.
Care is available for people with complex nursing needs or dementia, male or female, over the age of sixty five who have either been assessed as needing nursing care and who will receive financial assistance through the care management system, or to people whose family accepts responsibility for the cost.
Morris House is not a dementia nursing home and as such would be in breach of its registration to admit a resident in need of dementia nursing care. Care covers emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical needs.
They may have other secondary needs for example:
  • Confusion
  • Sensory impairment
  • Hospital aftercare
  • Respite care
A wide range of services available at our home
Care Plans
Every resident has a detailed and comprehensive care plan, which relates specifically to their needs and preferences and how they wish them to be met. A care plan is assembled by gathering information from the local authorities (care management team), residents, residents family, advocate, and G.P.
Generally medicines are accessed (via Doctor's prescription) by the home. All medicines are kept under lock and key and dispensed by qualified nurses at the appropriate times. Your own GP will visit you in the Home in the normal way, or where necessary arrangements will be made for hospital or GP visits.
The home has recently been awarded a 5 star rating from the local council with regards to the kitchen. Meals are varied and nutritious. There is a four-week rotating lunch menu and a two weekly teatime menu. The cook addresses residents individual likes/dislikes on a daily basis.
Breakfast - A selection of cereals, fruit juice, tea or coffee, toast, or a cooked breakfast.
Lunch - Choice of two main courses and puddings.
Tea - Choice of cooked option or sandwiches/soup.
Supper - Drinks and snacks.
Monthly C of E communion services are held at the home and visiting nuns give communion weekly to our Catholic residents. We also have a monthly Preacher that attends and give a reading. All denominations are welcome and arrangements are made individually between the resident and visiting Minister. Residents may attend religious services either within the home or outside the home as they so desire.
Social activities
Numerous in house activities and games are available, outside entertainment / singers / armchair aerobics are offered, as well as regular occupational therapy.
Visitors are always welcome. We welcome the contact between residents and ourselves at all times. Telephone calls to and from relatives bring pleasure to residents if visiting is difficult, we will always assist residents who require assistance with this process. Contact with family and friends are of supreme importance to the well-being of residents. We do however ask you to be kind enough not to visit very early in the morning or late at night.
Registered Care Categories:
  • Dementia
  • Old Age
  • Physical Disability
Admission Information:
  • Ages 65+
Languages Spoken by Staff (other than English):
  • Welsh
Morris House has 24 bedrooms, 23 of which are single. There are 16 rooms upstairs, five of which are en-suite and 8 rooms downstairs, of which five are en-suite. Access to the upstairs bedrooms is by shaft lift, stairlift or staircase. The rooms vary in size except for the new extension areas which all meet the new national standards. Bedrooms are attractively furnished and there is a TV point in each room. We recognize the necessity for residents to feel completely relaxed and at home. Accordingly, residents are encouraged to bring any small items of furniture and/or personal possessions to make their room as homely as possible.
The home has a nurse call system available to summon assistance, day or night. A smoke detection system is fitted. All fire detection warning and fighting equipment is serviced in line with requirements. Certificates of conformity are supplied. The home has a fire safety policy and all the staff are trained regularly in fire procedures.
Grab rails are well placed around the building to aid mobility. Bathrooms are equipped with bath hoists. There are three separate lounge areas, catering to residents different tastes and ideas of relaxation, (something to suit everyone). There is a large, attractive and comfortably furnished conservatory with television and DVD player, which leads into the well-tendered garden, a front lounge as well as a quite lounge. All areas are comfortable and well equipped.
A small dining room serves meals from the adjacent kitchen. Meals are served individually by the cook who is kept aware of the differing likes and dislikes of residents by this personal approach. All tables seat no more than four residents as this provides a more intimate setting.
Prospective residents are encouraged to visit the home or spend a day, to see for themselves the way residents are cared for and the general atmosphere surrounding the home.
This enables them to make a more informed choice of how they want to live.
Emergency Admission
Morris House accepts emergency admissions in certain circumstances, such situations would need to be discussed with the manager.
Fees Include
  • Total care and accommodation.
  • Varied and wholesome food.
  • Special diets.
  • Personal laundry (on premises).
  • Telephone calls
Fees Exclude
  • Newspapers
  • Chiropody (private)
  • Hairdressing
  • Hospital escorts
(should a family member not be available)



Település Swansea
Utca / házszám 56 Eaton Crescent Uplands
Telefonszám +441792463813
Telefonszám Fax: +441792470848
E-Mail info@morrishouse.co
Alkategóriák Convalescent Care, Dementia Care, Day Care, Old Age, Palliative Care, Privat, Physiotherapy, Physical Disability, Respite Care


Wales, Egyesült Királyság
56 Eaton Crescent Uplands Swansea, SA1 4QN

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Berecz István tel:+36 30 613 0051

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