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Leeming Bar Grange Care Home Northallerton

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Leeming Garth Care Home is located within the pleasant rural village of Leeming Bar.
Originally built in 1901 Leeming Garth is a specially converted manor house, surrounded by mature and attractive gardens. The 46 bedded facility provides Nursing, Residential Respite and End of Life care.
At Leeming Garth Residents have a choice of lounge areas which feature comfortable and specially designed furnishings. The home has a range of comfortable and well-equipped bedrooms.
Chefs at Leeming Garth pride themselves on knowing the tastes of Residents and preparing a choice of home cooked, fresh, nutritional meals and catering for any dietary and cultural needs. At HC-One, experienced Home Managers and members of staff ensure kindness is at the heart of everything they do.
Our philosophy
For us, every day is a new opportunity. To engage, encourage and appreciate. To be there when it matters. Involved in all the little moments of kindness that help make life feel brighter. When sharing time, conversation and activities means everyone contributes something different. By sharing a little love, every day, we help those we care for to love every day.
brighterkind care
brighterkind is our approach to care. It focuses on understanding what quality of life means for everyone here, and then provides the right experiences to help them live their life to the fullest. These experiences are built from our specialist approach to quality care, recreation and activities, and food and dining.
By taking the time to understand you, we will provide the informed care that turns a move to our home into a welcome change for good.
  • Palliative Care
  • Respite Care
  • Own GP if required
  • Own Furniture if required
  • Near Public Transport
  • Lift
  • Wheelchair access
  • Gardens for residents
  • Television point in own room
Get involved
At Leeming Bar Grange there's always something to keep everyone engaged in just the way they'd like.
Our recreation and activities coordinators plan 80 hours of activities per week: from games mornings and quizzes to pet therapy and singalongs. If it's sunny we try and get outside, so everyone can appreciate the best of the day.
Technology has opened up the world for us here; keeping our residents connected and stimulated. From meeting a great-grandchild for the first time on Skype, to playing games on the games console, we make sure everyone gets exactly what they want from it – and it's something we plan on using more and more.
Residents' choice
Our residents vote on what they would like to do in our monthly recreation and leisure meetings, so we can be sure everyone's looking forward to something, every day.
And everything's flexible. If you'd rather relax in your room, plan something with friends and family, or socialise in the living room – that's your decision.
We've built excellent links to the community, with popular trips to local sights such as Wensleydale Railway, as well as outings to cafes, pubs, local markets and walks.At Leeming Bar Grange, we love our food
We firmly believe that when you eat well, you live well too. This is a core part of our brighterkind philosophy of care, centring on good nutrition and the importance of mealtimes as a social occasion.
Our dining rooms are always set to restaurant standards, so residents need worry about nothing but enjoying the food. To find out more about our dining facilities, click here.
Special requirements
Our chefs prepare restaurant-style meals combining variety with a balanced diet and an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.
If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences, please let us know on arrival. We are happy to cater to your needs and wishes, however complex.
  • Alcohol Dependence (past or present)
  • Bipolar/Manic Depression
  • Cancer Care
  • Colitis & Crohn's Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Head/Brain Injury
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Neuropathic
  • Orthopaedic
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Speech Impairment
  • Stroke
  • Visual Impairment
Residential care:
The everyday made easy
Provided by trained carers, rather than Registered Nurses, residential care offers assistance with everyday activities, such as washing, dressing, eating, and mobility. Our residents can be comfortable and confident in the knowledge that these areas of their life won't be a struggle, so they can get on doing the things they love.
Life the way you want it
We are here for you – which is why we will do everything we can to make sure you're happy, comfortable and cared for. From activities and morning coffee, to mealtimes and days out we are always happy to go that extra mile.
Dementia care:
Focusing on strengths
At Leeming Bar Grange, 30 of our 60 beds are specifically kept for those with dementia.
For those living with dementia, communicating their needs and wishes can be difficult, which in turn can lead to isolation. Our dementia care programme focuses on an individual's strengths to help find ways in which they can re-engage with their families, friends and the community.
First rate and up to date
Our dementia care has been developed by specialists, and is constantly updated to reflect findings from the latest research.
We gain an insight into residents' life stories through recollections, reminiscence and sensory-based activities and community involvement, and provide the best beneficial therapies and treatments. Our dementia suite has also been specially designed to help make life as easy as possible.
Palliative care:
Respecting your wishes
We provide care for people who are nearing the end of their life but wish to remain in our caring, supportive and familiar environment.
Also known as end of life care, palliative care provides active physical care, pain and symptom management, and psychological, social, spiritual and practical support for individuals whose condition no longer responds to treatment.
Supporting residents and their families
We aim to ease suffering and enhance a person's remaining life, helping them to live as well as possible with dignity and respect until they die. We also offer support to families during this difficult time.
Our staff working with palliative care residents have received specialist training in pain management, symptom relief and bereavement.
Respite care:
The time you need
Respite care is for those wishing to stay with us on a short-term basis, whether you temporarily need extra support or are recovering from an illness or operation.
Respite care offers you the care and support you need, within the comfort and security of Leeming Bar Grange. Spending anything from a week to a few months with us can also provide a short rest for those caring for you at home.
Part of the community
All residents are considered part of the home, and we will make every effort to include you in all recreational activities, mealtimes, and other aspects of life here, whether you're with us for a week or a few months.
It's a great opportunity to meet new friends and sample life at Leeming Bar Grange. Many of our respite residents decide to stay permanently with us after seeing the standard of care we offer.
Your room
We have 60 bedrooms set across two floors. They're divided between our residential and dementia care units – we think carefully about the type of room each resident needs.
Everything you need
All our rooms are furnished to the highest specifications with your comfort in mind. Your bedroom furniture consists of: an appropriate bed suitable to your needs, double wardrobe, three-drawer chest, bedside table with lockable drawer, over-bed table, desk, desk chair and armchair.
All our rooms are en-suite with walk-in showers. There's also a flat-screen TV and DVD player for enjoying your favourite programmes or watching a film in the privacy of your room.
Personalise your space
We understand that moving into Leeming Bar Grange will be a considerable transition, but one we try to make feel as easy as possible. Your room is your own personal space, which is why we encourage you to personalise your room if you like, by hanging your favourite pictures or bringing small pieces of furniture.
Living rooms
Relax, socialise, get involved
Each floor has two of its own living rooms, for the residents to use at their leisure. There is also a conservatory, reminiscence room and dedicated sports lounge.
You can use these rooms to entertain your family and friends, spend time with other residents or take part in activities. If you're looking for a bit of peace and tranquillity away from the company of others, we also have dedicated quiet spaces for you to enjoy.
Our living rooms provide the ideal spaces to hold many of our activities – and it's always up to you if you want to get involved.
Dining rooms
Inviting spaces for fantastic food
There are two dining rooms on each floor – spacious rooms that always become a hub of conversation and laughter, and which give even our more frail residents a chance to come together and socialise.
Whether it's tea and cakes in the garden or a roast each Sunday, we encourage our residents to make the most of living in a friendly environment and enjoy the company of others.
What you want, when you want it
Of course, when, where and who you eat with is entirely up to you – your meals can be brought to your room, and friends and family can join you as often as you'd like (at a small charge).
We also have mid-morning and afternoon trolleys filled with refreshments and home-baked cakes, and a supper trolley with toasted crumpets, cheese and crackers.
Garden and grounds
Admire the outdoors
Leeming Bar Grange is surrounded by stunning North Yorkshire countryside. We also have an acre of beautiful landscaped gardens with bench seating and tables and chairs, perfect for outdoor socialising.
Our residents regularly walk around the garden for exercise and to admire the plants, and we try and take afternoon tea on the patio whenever the weather is fine.


Település North
Utca / házszám Leeming Lane Leeming Bar
Telefonszám +441677621414
Telefonszám ---
Alkategóriák Alcohol Dependence(past or present), Bipolar/Manic Depression, Cancer Care, Colitis & Crohn's Disease, Epilepsy, Hearing/Speech/Visual Impairment, Head/Brain Injury, Huntington's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Neuropathic, Old Age, Orthopaedic, Privat, Physical Disability, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke
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