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Glais House Nursing Home Birchgrove Road Swansea

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We are an established, family owned care home operator providing residential care for the elderly.
We are an established, family owned care home operator providing residential care for the elderly, with a particular focus on nursing and dementia care needs. Our care home is located in the quaint village of Glais. Our aim is to offer the best care home service in South Wales.
Typically most of our residents are from the local area, such as Swansea, Mumbles, Cardiff, Neath, and Pembrokeshire. Our location (on the M4) has gifted us residents from Swindon, Bristol and even London.
Our History
Glais House was originally a large, family home in the tranquil village of Glais, Swansea.
Approximately 30 years ago the house was bought by two nurses who turned the house into a nursing home for elderly ladies and gentlemen with thirteen bedrooms. This is currently the Bottom Unit of Glais House Nursing Home. From the early beginnings, Glais House focused on delivering outstanding care in a homely environment.
Glais House developed a positive reputation in the community and faced growing demand for its services. As one of the nurses’ husbands was a builder, the duo extended the original home by adding eleven new bedrooms. This is the Middle Unit of Glais House Nursing Home today.
Seven years ago the Top Unit of Glais House was purpose built with sixteen en-suite bedrooms.
Glais House now ranks as one of South Wales’ quality nursing homes for the elderly and frail.
In October 2011 Glais House was bought by our new owners, the Directors of Glais House Care Ltd. Further plans for even more improvements are already in progress to make Glais House a best in class home from home, offering first class accommodation, facilities and care for our residents.
Life at Glais House is centred very much around the people who live here. Some love to take part in social activities, some prefer their peace and quiet and some like a bit of both.
There is always plenty going on, which we encourage residents to participate in, although of course, they are free to do so as much as they wish.
Glais House has a dedicated activity coordinator who ensures our residents can, if they wish, participate in daily social activities and entertainment, and that they’re occupied with interests that they like, which are easily available to them.
We offer a full activities programme based on large, small and one to one activities designed specifically to meet the needs of our client group. These include:
Daily games and activity sessions:
  • Music for health
  • Games such as scrabble, bingo, cards and dominoes
  • Exercise classes
  • Reminiscence sessions and memory boxes
  • Seasonally themed activities
Celebration events through the year include:
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day / Father’s Day
  • St David’s Day / Saints’ Days
  • The Queen’s Birthday
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays and special anniversaries
We keep in regular contact with relatives throughout the year and welcome contributions and ideas in planning individual social programmes. Relatives are encouraged to visit whenever they wish and can telephone regularly for updates.
The phone and internet system at Glais House is wireless – so residents are able to speak to their friends and relatives in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.
In the mood for quality relaxation and contemplation?
We are conscious that many people enjoy watching television or just having thinking time and are sensitive to the needs of those who choose not to join in group activity.
If residents choose to stay in their room, wander through the home or visit the administration office, then that is what they can do. With safety aspects in mind the kitchen and laundry are places we discourage visits to but otherwise residents exercise choice and control over their day to day activities.
Residents can relax in our spa baths and listen to their favourite music if they want a change of pace.
Link with outside activities and networks
The home has a policy of actively promoting the maintenance of service users’ normal social networks and social activities. The service user’s care plan includes a facility for recording the life history, social networks and contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies in order that staff are aware of these and the service user is offered access to those networks and activities which are appropriate and desired. The policy of the home is that activities and networking support are a part of normal daily living and support for access will be available at all times.
Pastoral Care
Residents are free to follow the religion of their choice. Ministers visit the home regularly and offer communion.
Considerable comfort is often gained from faith in declining years, even with people who have had little to do with their faith since their childhood. The home will facilitate the observance of those religious festivals that are appropriate to the faith of the residents living in the home.
The observance of religious rituals to be carried out prior and post death is assured.
Cultural and religious requirements of each resident are included in their individual care plan.
Registered Care Categories:
  • Dementia
  • Detention Under Mental Health Act
  • Mental Health Condition
  • Old Age
  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Younger Adults
Specialist Care Categories:
  • Alzheimer's
  • ipolar/Manic Depression
  • Cancer Care
  • Epilepsy
  • Head/Brain Injury
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Orthopaedic
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Speech Impairment
  • Stroke
  • Visual Impairment
Admission Information: Ages 18+.
Languages Spoken by Staff (other than English):
  • Bengali;
  • Bangla,
  • Welsh,
  • Hungarian,
  • Italian,
  • Malayalam,
  • Polish,
  • Romanian,
  • Russian,
  • Slovak
Elegant, comfortable and very much a home from home. Glais House’s rooms are the perfect luxury nursing care accommodation located in the village of Glais in Swansea.
Due to the popularity of the home, it has been extended and refurbished extensively. The home now has 47 bedrooms (45 singles, 2 doubles) many with en-suite facilities.
A significant portion of the home is now purpose built and the care home successfully combines both traditional features and high quality modern facilities.
Though the bedroom facilities are arranged in three wings, the home is run as two units. The Top Unit has a large, modern, spacious lounge dining room where activities and entertainment take place. The Bottom Unit has a more traditional lounge where it is peaceful and quiet. Residents may use either lounge area at any time. Relatives are encouraged to visit the lounges and take part in activites.
Large and Comfortable Rooms
  • Several rooms over 16 square metres in size
  • High quality furniture and furnishings
  • Most rooms have en-suite facilities
  • Personal furniture and possessions are encouraged
  • Some rooms have a patio door to an outside courtyard
Latest Nursing Technology, Safety & Specialist Features
Our rooms seamlessly blend the traditional with the latest in discreet technology, including:
  • Top of the range Nexus full profiling electric beds
  • Skype & Wifi Access
  • Digital TV point
  • Thermostatic heating controls
  • Brand new 24-hour nurse call system
  • High quality Volker full profiling electric beds
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Thermostatic radiators
  • Passenger lift
  • Indoor and outdoor wheelchair access
  • Mobile hoists and other specialist equipment
  • Bathrooms fitted with Arjo & Malibu height adjustable baths
  • Electromagnetic door closer
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Sitting areas
  • Pathways suitable for wheelchairs
  • Area for residents to grow plants


Település Swansea
Utca / házszám 615 Birchgrove Road Glais
Telefonszám +441792843915
Telefonszám +441792842379
Alkategóriák Alzheimer's, Bipolar/Manic Depression, Cancer Care, Convalescent Care, Dementia Care, Day Care, Detention Under Mental Health Act, Epilepsy, Hearing/Speech/Visual Impairment, Head/Brain Injury, Huntington's Disease, Mental Health Condition, Multiple Sclerosis, Old Age, Orthopaedic, Palliative Care, Privat, Physical Disability, Parkinson's Disease, Respite Care, Stroke, Sensory impairment, Younger Adults
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