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Doves Nest Nursing Home Manchester

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Doves Nest has 40 places for adults with differing care needs ranging from complex healthcare needs to conditions that are related to ageing.
We care for adults with differing needs ranging from adults with complex healthcare needs to adults whose primary conditions are related to ageing.
We have successfully cared for people with acquired brain injury; spinal cord injury; cerebral palsy; advanced medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, and Motor Neurone Disease (MND); terminal conditions such as cancer and renal failure, and; conditions that require ventilation systems. We also offer transitional care which is a step down from hospital to home.
Our shared living space has been specifically designed for flexibility to enable residents to choose the range and diversity of their social interaction.
The lounge areas are equipped with high quality seating, occasional tables, large screen TV, DVD and music systems. They are all maintained and furnished to a high standard and all look out over the gardens and woodland to the rear. The dining area is suitably equipped and designed to make meal times a sociable and enjoyable experience.
Our shared living spaces consists of:
a large lounge area that will comfortably seat up to 20 residents;3 smaller lounges that will comfortably seat up to 10 residents each;a large dining area that provides dining facilities for 20 residents;a sun lounge where residents can relax, and;large outside spaces where residents can sit and relax in groups or in private;
Laundering Facilities
The home is equipped with state of the art laundering facilities including two sluicing and sterilising washing machines that use the latest oxygen technology and an industrial standard gas fired tumble dryer.Outside living
The home is set in over an acre of land that, at the rear looks out over a wooded area leading to a large lake. The patio areas provide over 250sqm of accessible and usable space. There is also a sensory garden that has been created on the lower patio.
The external gardens are private and secure and provide formal lawned and patio areas where residents can relax and enjoy the well-stocked garden and raised flower beds. Access to the external areas can be gained from the ground floor lounge or sun lounge.
The courtyard at the side of the building has been designed for residents to use for relaxation, activities or weather permitting to have meals outside. From the courtyard a path leads to the main garden and patio area at the rear of the building. The main patio area is totally private and is surrounded by mature trees with views over the woodland at the rear.
Bathing offers unique conditions for promoting a feeling of well-beingWe understand the importance of bathing to individuals. The benefits of bathing, particularly for residents, are more than skin-deep. Bathing offers unique conditions for promoting a feeling of well-being. Bathing is beneficial for residents, both physically and emotionally. That is why we have equipped the home with a variety of high quality facilities so that our residents can choose their bathing experience.
Our facilities include:
an Arjo hydrotherapy recumbent bathing system that enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing;a bathing room equipped with an Arjo Parker Style bath;a bathing room equipped with an Arjo Classic bath with integral hoist;2 communal wet rooms that are fully equipped with the Arjo Carendo bathing system;a Reval Ruby mobile showering system, that is designed to shower residents' who cannot access the bathroom independently or with assistance, and;12 rooms fully equipped en-suite shower rooms, and;
Arjo Recumbent Bathing System with Hydro massage
We have an Arjo recumbent bathing system with integrated hydro massage facility that provides all our residents with a unique bathing experience, making bathing therapeutic and relaxing.
Immersion naturally stimulates the circulation system and soothes away stress. The feeling of weightlessness as the water takes the weight enables easier movement of stiff limbs and hence regular bathing helps mobility.
Hydro massage enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing and will provide a pleasant experience for our residents.Reval Ruby mobile showering system
Our Reval Ruby mobile showering system is designed to shower residents' who cannot access the bathroom independently or with assistance. Whether incapacitated due to a critical condition, long term illness, or obesity, the Ruby provides unique and uncompromising hygiene levels within the safety and comfort of the residents' own bed.
The Ruby is compact and highly manoeuvrable and all components are fully integrated into the appliance making it safe and user friendly. The Ruby incorporates anti-scold protection by thermostatically controlled water, which can be pre-set and heated to suit the resident's specific needs.
All surfaces of the Ruby are smooth, making it easy to clean and disinfect, using its built-in hand operated disinfection applicator, located discretely at the front of the appliance.
Care Planning
We are committed to involving residents in their own care and treatment, with decisions made in partnership
We understand that we are more than a provider of care services, we are the home of our residents and it is important to us that they quickly develop a sense of ownership. The management and care team respect the right of each resident to lead as independent and fulfilling a life as possible.
We implement a holistic person centred plan of care, using recognised models of nursing which will identify the individual needs of each resident and enhance their quality of life. We are committed to involving residents in their own care and treatment, with decisions made in partnership and we ensure that both they, and their family, fully understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.
As part of the care planning process we will:
assess the care needs of each individual prior to admission to ensure their care needs can be met;involve each resident and their representative in the planning of care to ensure the plan reflects the needs, aspirations and expectations of the individual;adhere to the principles of "No decision about me, without me" and ensure that all care decisions are made in partnership;encourage relatives and friends to participate in the delivery of care;assess each residents needs on a continual basis, with input from the resident, so that changes can be evaluated, appropriate action taken;assess the risk to residents so that they can participate in daily living as fully and safely as possible;endeavour to procure the services of specialist practitioners to advise and participate in the planning and implementation of care needs, where their expertise will enhance the quality of care delivered to the resident, and;record all the actions, decisions and discussions related to the care planning process;
Types of care
We have a dedicated care team that has the skills and experience to deliver a wide range of services. The types of care we provide are summarised below:
Residential care:
For those who are finding it increasingly difficult to cope at home, we provide accommodation, meals, personal care and access to an active social community.
Nursing care:
For those who require frequent, specialised nursing care, we have a care team that will offer the 24-hour personal support and accommodation of residential care, plus the benefit of specialist nursing care.
Complex healthcare:
For those who requires comprehensive medical, physical and mental health support (exclusive of challenging behaviour), such as Multiple Sclerosis, Acquired Brain Injury, PVS, and Coronary Care etc., and rehabilitation after hospital discharge or support to prevent hospital admission, we have specially equipped rooms and an experienced and skilled care team to enable us to provide the high level of care required.
Short stay care:
Short stay care allows carers the time to recharge their batteries while offering their loved ones the reassurance of 24-hour care. Where we can we offer short stay residential or nursing care, however our ability to offer short stay care depends on room availability.
Palliative care:
Palliative care (also known as End of Life Care) is the care of people with life limiting illnesses where recovery is not expected. We understand how very difficult and emotional these situations are and we recognise the psychological, social and spiritual needs of an individual and focus on the care delivered to ensure their wishes and preferences are addressed.
We have 14 specially equipped rooms that are suitable for the needs of adults with physical disabilities/complex healthcare needs who require comprehensive medical, physical and mental health support (exclusive of challenging behaviour) and rehabilitation after hospital discharge or support to prevent hospital admission.The accommodation has been specifically designed to provide shared living space that is flexible to enable residents to choose the range and diversity of their social interaction.
We pride ourselves in providing high quality accommodation for all our residents and continually invest in the private accommodation and shared living spaces. All our rooms are furnished to a high standard, regularly decorated and maintained by our own in-house property management team.
We have 14 specially designed rooms to cater for high dependency residents with complex healthcare needs. These rooms are larger than our standard rooms and all have views onto the gardens. The rooms on the ground floor have direct access to the gardens and seating areas through patio doors.
Standard rooms
All rooms are maintained and furnished to a very high standard and are provided with:
a hospital bed that is at least 900mm wide, with bed linen changed daily;en-suite WC with wash basin, mirror and shaver light, or a wash basin, mirror and shaver light incorporated into the room;a nurse-call point beside the bed with extension lead and inside the en-suite;overhead and bedside lighting;Wi-Fi internet access;TV Point;adequate electric sockets;drawers and wardrobes that provide plenty of space for clothing;a secure lockable cupboard for valuables;high quality flooring;low surface temperature radiators;
Premium Rooms
We have 14 specially designed rooms to cater for high dependency residents with complex healthcare needs who require comprehensive medical and physical support. These rooms are much larger than our standard rooms and are additionally provided with:
electrically operated profiling bed with integrated bumpers;ceiling hoist tracking system that provide access points throughout the room and into the wet room;fully equipped en-suite wet rooms complete with shower;provision for 15 electrical appliances;facility for private telephone;internet access point and Wi-Fi internet access;under floor heating;views over the gardens and woodland to the rear;direct access to the gardens where applicable.


Település Manchester
Utca / házszám 15 Windsor Road Clayton Bridge
Telefonszám +441616817410
Telefonszám +441619470874
Fax: +441616813612
E-Mail ---
Alkategóriák Cancer Care, Head/Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Neuropathic, Old Age, Privat, Physiotherapy, Physical Disability, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke
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